Prom season is here, has your child’s limo been properly vetted?

Prom season is here, has your child’s limo been properly vetted?

With prom season now in full effect. We feel it is our responsibility to share this article by the “Gazette Live”.

All Limousines over 8 seats require the operating company to posses a public service vehicle operators’ licence. It is little known fact that some operators to not abide.

We are extremely proud to be 100% legal and compliant with all DVSA guidelines and laws.

Kids enjoying our 24 seater at their prom.

Parents are being urged to check if their child’s limousine driver and vehicle is properly vetted and licensed.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. (DVSA) is urging parents to check if their child’s limousine is safe and legal before booking.

Hiring a vehicle and driver that hasn’t been properly vetted and licensed, could put children at risk.

So, DVSA is urging parents to carry out a simple online check. Enabling them to find out if they have a public service vehicle operators’ licence or not.

This applies to anyone running limousines with nine or more seats.

If the limousine has fewer than nine seats parents should contact their local council. They will see if the company is licenced as a private hire vehicle instead.

If an operator has neither then it can be reported to DVSA.

Limo showed being impounded for not complying.


DVSA has the power to take these limousines off the road. In the last five years DVSA has impounded 31 and crushed 20 unsafe limousines.

DVSA chief executive Gareth Llewellyn said: “DVSA is committed to protecting you from unsafe drivers and vehicles. Therefore we encourage these checks to take place.

“We know parents want to keep their children safe but rogue limousine operators working outside of the law are putting them at risk.”

Senior traffic commissioner for Great Britain Richard Turfitt said: “Unlicensed operators are not insured to carry passengers. There are good, responsible limousine operators in the industry but those who don’t have a licence to operate are likely to be running vehicles with defects that are potentially dangerous.”

DVSA regularly carry out joint operations with the police and they can seize a vehicle, so if it’s not properly licenced and insured.

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